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International Development

INSCATECH believes that economic development will not only help lift people out of poverty, it is also the responsibility of every corporate citizen.

Generating economic growth, improving health and alleviating poverty through market-driven business solutions are at the core of INSCATECH’s mission.

INSCATECH offers an integral solution to achieving this mission for four key international development practice areas:


1. Agricultural Competitiveness


By utilizing INSCATECH’s forensic supply chain vulnerability assessments producers increase productivity, security and gain greater market access: thereby enhancing their incomes and improving household and community food security. The INSCATECH solution offers producers a competitive advantage.

2. Food Systems & Safety


The INSCATECH Solution’ is an ideal methodology for achieving the objective of improved food systems and ensuring consumers in developing countries have access to safe food.

3. Food & Livelihood Security


With poverty and food insecurity now impacting approximately one-fifth of the world’s population, INSCATECH’s livelihood program is designed lift some of the most vulnerable people out of poverty, and enable self-reliance.

4. Nutrition / Fortification Verification


International Aid organizations have a great need to ensure supplied food products contain the specified nutritional and fortification requirements.

INSCATECH provides assessment, analysis and mitigation strategies to suppliers of international aid programs.


INSCATECH is committed to creating a brighter future for developing countries and to lifting generations out of poverty.


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