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Report Food Fraud - Confidential
Delivering innovative supply chain protection solutions


INSCATECH has a global network of specially trained intelligence operatives who are experts in detecting crime within supply chains relating to food fraud (adulteration, counterfeiting, substitution, concealment and misrepresentation for economic gain).

INSCATECH conducts comprehensive, covert, forensic investigations to determine if, where, when and how fraud is occurring.


INSCATECH's customized investigation services include specific fraud incident investigations and cover all types of supply chain crime and fraud. In relation to food fraud our focus is the detection of: counterfeiting, substitution, concealment, dilution and all other types of adulteration.

INSCATECH is leading the fight against the largest and most precarious supply chain crimes. 

Sample Procurement

INSCATECH is uniquely positioned to collect (from source), preserve, protect, track and securely transport food samples to laboratories for testing and analysis. Through its international network of sample collectors, INSCATECH is able to procure, secure and transport samples from any location in the world to your place of business with the assurance that the sample is in its original form. INSCATECH will ensure that the chain of custody is maintained through chronological and careful documentation of samples which is crucial to demonstrating the traceability and continuity of samples obtained.  

Supply Chain Mapping

Most companies cannot map their supply chains to source.  In the food industry, the introduction of traceability recommendations and regulations make this absolutely critical.

INSCATECH maps commodities to source and validates the supply chain map via onsite boots on the ground verification.

Vendor Pre-Qualification
& Validation

INSCATECH's customized investigation services include vendor pre-qualification and validation examinations.


Compliance to safety, quality and asset protection expectations and policies are examined during the vendor pre-qualification and validation phases.  


Vendor pre-qualification and validation examinations emphasize your company's culture of proactive surveillance, awareness and control along the complete supply chain, the best deterrent to fraudsters.

Information & Data

Confidentiality is of primary importance to INSCATECH. Without confidentiality, supply chain fraud can become an even bigger epidemic. ​


Utilizing covert onsite and offsite intelligence, INSCATECH is compiling the most in-depth information and data available on supply chain food fraud.

INSCATECH uses the results of completed investigations along with the continual analysis of commodity pricing, scientific authenticity testing, supply and demand trends to determine potential targets for fraud and risk levels.  

While proprietary information is never revealed, the information and data can be used to target proven fraudsters and focus on high risk areas.

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